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Effective YouTube Marketing Tips

Whether you are a brand, a vlogger or social celebrity, the secret of success on YouTube is all about one thing: views. As your views go up you will attract more and more (new) viewers. Well, this article is all you need to read if you are searching for the answers for how to get free youtube subscribers.


The more often your videos are watched, the better this is. This is because videos that have many views will be higher in YouTube's search results. Another important aspect is that videos with many views will be shown more often in the related videos.

All these effects will reinforce each other. Because a video is shown with the related videos, it gets more views, which makes it appear higher in the search results.

In this article I will give you a number of YouTube Marketing tips with which you can increase your YouTube views. So you more views on your videos in no time and real quick.

1. Do a keyword search

For companies that are active on YouTube, it is important to start with a keyword search before video content is created. There are therefore large parallels with a regular SEO trajectory. Even with a regular SEO process, you will start with a keyword research and not start writing content in the wild.

It is important that you know what your target group is doing. Which search terms do they use? What is keeping them busy? What needs, thoughts and fears do they have? Do these search terms have a commercial intention and how big is the competition on these search terms? This can also help you to get Free YouTube Subscribers which are important and deferential for your channel’s success.

2. Explore the competition

Before you get started with creating your video content, it is good to first observe what the competition does in your niche. With what type of content do they achieve many views? Which content is shared a lot via Social Media?

Have you found quality content that has few views? Then this is probably not the type of content that your target audience is waiting for and you can save yourself the effort to create equivalent content.

3.Determine where you can deliver value

To be able to use YouTube successfully, it is important that you have leadership in the areas you focus on. The larger the area you want to focus on, the harder it will be to gain leadership in this area.

So look at which areas you think you can deliver value or entertainment. Selling your televisions can be an area of education. Videos explaining how televisions work, for example. Another area can be reviews, in which the best televisions are judged. In the area of entertainment, you can for example show how you can water-ski on a flat screen television.

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